Quick & Dirty: Exquisite Corpse

“Quick and Dirty” is an animated exquisite corpse project created by 23 artists, one compositor, and 6 sound artists.

“Quick and Dirty” refers to the idea of working fast and not over-thinking what you are creating—letting the unconscious take over and make decisions. Each artist had a week to create at least 24 frames of animation, some contributed as much as 100 frames. The only information that they received was the last frame of the previous artist’s sequence.

The artists involved include established and emerging talents in the field (listed below in order of appearance): Gina Kelly, Meejin Hong, Matt Broach, Nate Page and Jena Lee, Jim Trainor, Kathleen Judge, Maya Erdelyi, Courtney Ziegler, Ethan Clarke, Sara Gunnarsdóttir, Jeanette Bonds, Lori Damiano, Olivia Taussig, Devin Flynn, Nick Gibney, Guy Burwell, Masha Vasilkovsky, Dan Grzeca, Tunde Adebimpe, Aimee Gogun, Manuel Barenboim, Maureen Selwood.
The film is composited by Benjamin Rohel.

Title sequence by Manuel Barenboim.
Executive Producer: Gina Kelly
Original Concept: Maya Erdelyi and Gina Kelly
Sound and Music
 Curated by Paul Fraser

Collaborating Sound Artists:
Kari Seekins (sound design)
Jim Becker (composition)
Jay Bodley (composition)
Ellen Reid (composition)
Justin Asher (sound design and composition)
Paul Fraser (sound design and composition)