I’m Paul Fraser and I create worlds of music and sound for animation, advertising, and experimental contexts.

I’m currently the composer on Cartoon Network’s Apple & Onion, and have worked for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., MTV, Disney, DreamWorks, Funny or Die, Frederator Studios, Verizon, Whole Foods, Skullcandy, Just For Men, Newsweek, among many other collaborators.

I subscribe to a genre-agnostic approach to composition, encompassing electronic and acoustic music: orchestral/chamber, pop/electronic, and experimental.

Generally, I’m excited about all-things lo-fi and absurd, and love timbre experimentation, data mining, and rhythmic complexity. Compositional obsessions include “genre-surfing,” Spaghetti Westerns, vaporwave, traditional Ghanan drum rhythms, and splicing together found sounds.

I have an MFA in Composition from CalArts and live in LA .

Animation/Ad Credits (PDF)